Baby Hat & Booties patterns

I apologize for those looking for the patterns that Steven Berg provided to the Knitters’ Guild for our service project! In trying to get information about the project out, and the discount offer, I entirely missed putting the patterns out here on the blog. 😦

The patterns use Cascade Fixation, and there are two sets: Boys Stripes and Squiggles Hat with matching booties, and Girls Ruffles and Ribbons Hat with matching booties. All patterns are on the same pdf file. Direct link is here, and also in the sidebar on the right.

The patterns are for Guild use, for the service project. Thank you, Steven and the Yarn Garage, for the free use of this pattern!


2 Responses to “Baby Hat & Booties patterns”

  1. Ellen Overaa Says:


    I am the coordinator of a knitting group called Mindful Creations which meets at the Shambhala Center in Minneapolis. We only knit for charity projects, usually changing charities every 2 – 3 month.

    If we choose Chemo Caps as our next champagne can we donate them through your organization for distribution?

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Nancy P Says:

    I thought the 2011 project was Chemo Caps. I’m still waiting for the 2nd pattern to be posted on this site. It was a tam or beret style.

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